Sandhill Cranes

Today’s images are in keeping with my recent project of single subject posts that are meant to have a place on Earth Images into the future.  In other words they are a page full of a single subject, meant to remain on this blog as long as the blog exists. These images of Sandhill Cranes are all published in other varied locations on this blog.  I simply went through my easiest to locate folders of images of Sandhills.  I have made a lot of pictures of these birds in my life.  It is possible that a few the photos you see below will appear yet again in Earth Images.

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Through all of these years of nature photography I have spent more time with one type of subject than all others.  Birds can be found everywhere. Most are out during the daytime.  Those facts make them a natural subject. I think that most male nature photographers enjoy photographing birds of prey more than all others.  After that the most colorful of our waterfowl and songbirds.  To me the art of wading birds is hard to deny.  Certainly the most fun and educational long-legged bird that I have ever worked with are the cranes.  Most of my “crane time” has been spent with the Sandhill Crane. These birds are expressive and for a large wader they are very active. They court and form a devoted pair.  They are very large.  You can give them some space and still make close-ups.  When you view them in warm light or see them up close, they are very pretty.  They are omnivores.  The eat grains and other plants but will still fish and even catch a small mammal.  I have sat before a single crane, and I have sat before a thousand.

I give thanks that the Sandhill Crane came into my world.  I have been entertained and financially rewarded because of Sandhills.  They have taught me at least as much about nature as any of her creatures.

In photography and in life, an open mind leads to a clear vision.                                              Wayne

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