Eagles Etc.

Bald Eagles/A two-way street!

Sushi for breakfast.

Always land into the wind.

I truly love photographing in national parks.  Still America has a million pictures to be made right alongside our roadways.  This rock form was in northern New Mexico.

Being someone who loves foggy sunrises, I always considered myself fortunate to live fairly near to Bong State Park in Wisconsin.  You are almost guaranteed about 150 foggy sunrises a year.  I made the SR below at that location and like usual, it made for a nice abstract.

No this Osprey is not standing on the back of the other.  Actually the bottom bird is an offspring of the landing bird.

Starting in mid February and continuing into June, nature photographers all over North America have been/will be making pictures like the one below.  There is nothing like the male Red-winged Blackbird to let you know that it is spring.  This species was one of the very first I ever photographed and I would bet that this is true of many other photographers.

I am not quite sure of the sub-species of this female or immature sparrow.

Winter Goldfinch.  Hard (for me) to tell the boys from the girls in the wintertime.

Translucent Crab Spider.

Spring Phlox.  When I photograph flowers I generally look for opportunities to make some sharp blossoms, while leaving out of focus washes of color in the picture frame.

I have always admitted that when I construct photo/text packages I do so my own sort of way.  I break most grammatical rules as I insist on writing the way I speak.  In the beginning I used to label pictures the traditional way.  If the photo had a title I would place that text on top of the picture in caps and sometimes in bold.  If I wanted to write an information caption I would place that at the bottom.  For some reason I began this blog putting any reference to a photo on the top.  Ninety some blogs down the road, there is little point of changing now.  Just a little info on the workings of my disturbed mind.

I appreciate having each of you visit Earth Images Blog!  Time is a fleeting thing and I place yours as a high value commodity.  Stop for just a moment today and appreciate nature.  Approach it with an open mind and I promise you that you’ll have a “moment” worth keeping.

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