Four Visitors

I am honored to share with you today five photos from four superb photographers.

First let us look at an image from the venerable artist/photographer Jim Clark. This is a preview of what will soon happen in much of the world. In this case, it is the mountains of West Virginia ablaze with autumn

Nobody should pass the opportunity for an image like this. There is no better or more peaceful time of year. Peaceful despite the riotous colors it brings with it.

Some of God’s finest work with a great interpretation from Jim!

I love sunrise on a misty morning. Add to it, a tree to silhouette, the sun itself, and a herd of wild horned or antlered creatures also in silhouette, and you have art. I am guessing this is Africa but I am not sure.

Beautiful work from Beverly Houwing!

Wildlife photographer extraordinaire Charles Glatzer, never seems to stop bringing home images that entertain us and deliver us deep into the world of wild animals.

Below we have what appears to be a touching moment between an Elk bull and cow. Whether they are getting to know each other or something more aggressive is happening we may never know but we are however enriched by the moment, and the supreme quality of the image.

Never stop making these images Charles, they touch our lives and we are better for it.

One term used for describing some photographers is that they have a “good eye”. I love it when I see a photographer who has a good eye. We are not speaking of having 20/20 vision, but something that is more in the heart or the soul than the actual eye.

Susan Candelario has that good eye. Maybe it would be better to say that she can truly “see” the art that is before her. We have to “see it”, before we can photograph it.

Below she makes good use of and produces fine art from two structures, one a country bridge or overpass if you will, on a sweet autumn day, and the other a modern art structure of some sort, in a city at dawn or dusk.

I get goose bumps.

I will close with a few images from a former photographer. He is still with us but does not make pictures any more. Thankfully he still loves to share photos both from others, as well as from his own “dusty” files. Since we have no macros above, I chose that particular avenue of image making.

Those of you who know me, also know that I live for dramatic light. These wild Canada Lilies were bathing in the sun, which had just entered the shadows that they rested in. Some times a little pop can be a beautiful thing.

Vertical or horizontal is always a question a photographer asks themselves. Sometimes they work either way.

Of course I also love getting close to God’s “little critters”. Entering their world you might say. I often got the same emotional charge from insects, as I did mammals and birds.

The dragonfly below posed so beautifully and may I say patiently, while I set up and created this image.

Some mornings are better than others and the two above, were perfect.

“Hope is never ill when faith is well”
John Bunyan

God Bless,

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