Taking Care of Business + More

As usual…..just thinking.

There are no perfect systems from which human beings can live and do
business together.

Only God is perfect.

For business, my preference is the free enterprise system.  As with any freedom,
some will take advantage of others. We have laws for those who are prone to
take advantage of others in a fashion that is fraudulent, or otherwise intolerable.
Of course, laws are created and enforced by the government, which oft times is
either or both, incompetent or dishonest.

Buyer beware (renter, borrower etc.) , is the most important notification anybody 
can give when it comes to doing any sort of business with our fellow humans.
Not all are dishonest, but many if not most I dare say will ultimately take care of
themselves and/or their business over the customer, whenever the choice has to
be made.

Business is not about warm and fuzzy fellowships with our fellow man. It is a
transaction where each side wants to benefit over the other. Be it buying a pair
of shoes at a department store, taking out a loan at a bank, or getting your car
fixed, one side wants to put some of your money in their pocket, and the other
wants to get by with giving you the least amount possible. That combo is fraught
with possible disagreements, and some times court settlements.

I hope for the best, and watch for the worst when it comes to business.  I
compliment when someone treats me fairly and does a good and honest job, and
I never hesitate to let them know what I think when things go the other way. 

The human animal will cheat again, or do a bad job again, if you do not at least
tell them know what you think. It shows more caring about your fellow man, when
you help break bad or dishonest tendencies.  On the other hand, everybody
needs to know when they do something right. We do not owe it to people we do
business with to tell them when they are good, but it is the smartest as well as
most decent thing we can do, because the next customer will benefit and then on
and on it will repeat itself.

I tell them when I think they did good, and I do not hesitate for a second to tell
them what in my opinion, it was that they did wrong.


I doubt I’ve ever made a perfect photo. There is certainly no actual perfection in
the images I share below, but they are the ones that jumped out at me.

The fisherman. Bald Eagle in action.

Another style of fishing. Snowy Egret at sunrise.

The colors of spring and early summer. Tulips.

Dahl Sheep in the Badlands of South Dakota

More thinking.

I have decided not to comment deeply on the overturn of Roe verses Wade by the Supreme Court. All
of you know how I feel about abortion as I have written about it on these pages
several times. It of course means that individual states will be making their own
decisions. That is how the framers of the Constitution meant it to be. Thankfully
none of the Supreme Court were not murdered as was threatened to happen.

I am sure that the fight will go on, but at least the battles will be regional rather
than national.

It pays to think ahead.

1 Corinthians 1:18

“For the message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to
us who are being saved it is the power of God”



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