20 Seconds

Every 20 Seconds

Today’s blog is another one of those “something comes to my mind every twenty
seconds” types of post. When a thought popped in, I wrote it down or found a
photo.  I have placed today’s thoughts, photography related or not, in the order
in which they occurred to me.

Wow!!!  This image is from Steve Race. I feel like I am right in the middle
of this seemingly violent battle of two Gannets and their prey. I love this sort of
imagery as it combines my years of action auto racing photography, and that of
wildlife photography.

Powerful shot Steve!!


On the political side of things, there is at least temporarily, a change in the
direction of the wind. Here and there elections are held when someone retires or
passes on. Recently a Texas border town (and county) had a member of the
House in D.C. retire. The county is heavily Hispanic, and has voted blue forever.
They made the decision to “go red”. The lives of American Hispanics, especially
those who live along our border with Mexico, have been heavily impacted in a
negative way from the neglect in manning that border. From drugs to the selling
of children as sex toys, their lives have been made miserable.

They made a statement via that election, and bless them for that.

A few pix from me.

Wildlife photography cannot always be as spectacular as what we saw in our
opening photo.  That does not mean that it can’t be interesting. Wild critters are
always interesting.

Most photographers don’t think of abstracts when they think of wildlife
photography. Other than motion blurred flight shots, the terminology of wild
animal and abstract do not seem to fit.

I made the Grebe photo below many years ago. If memory serves, I was
photographing the abstract reflections in this pond….and a bird swam in. I
could not have been happier. Instead of just another abstract or one more Grebe
photo, I had a nature combo.

Close-ups are not always necessary with wildlife. This female Northern
Harrier was hunting in a field near where I was making pictures. She flew in and
she gave me a chance at two or three shots. She flew away, and as always, I
said thank you, and moved on.

Great light and wide open eyes (on the animals) can make for a powerful shot.
Especially when mother and child look into that light.

Whitetail doe and fawn at daybreak.

To say the weather is dicey these days would be a great understatement. I
however, am not surprised. I own a book which tells me this is to come, and it
was not written by a “scientist” or Al Gore. As times goes on, I will share it with
 When gasoline prices went up from $2.89 I complained. That is natural. From 
99 cents (four years ago) or even $3.39 to over five dollars is obscene. Both
Incompetence and evil from  the same people is a little too much to take. It is a
deadly combination.

A hawk in the grass. This hawk took a dive into a roadside ditch as I drove
alongside of it. Good for me, good for he hawk, but not so good for the mouse.

I said thanks and moved on.

This Common Moorhen is in pretty light. I know photographers who
have never chased wildlife at the edges of day or light. To each his/her own
but there is more to wildlife photography than showing what an animal looks like,
or even behavior.

One of my all-time favorite subjects is turtles. Especially female Snapping
Turtles. When they give birth and bury their eggs, they are very tolerant of
posing for pictures. With that said, give some distance by using a medium to l
long lens, make your images and leave. Be cognizant of the fact, that there are
people who will kill any sort of turtle.

I made  my pictures and of course, said thank you and moved on.

Well, enough of my thoughts at twenty second intervals.


My thoughts below are constant. They do not come and go at intervals for my convenience.

Contrary to what many believe, including many proclaimed Christians and some
churches, good people do not go to Heaven while bad people all go to hell.
Saved people to Heaven, and the unsaved go to hell.

We cannot be good enough to earn our way to Heaven. Only, I repeat only, the
shed Blood of Christ, and our personal acceptance of it, can delver us to

Salvation, is not a license to sin. It is true, that all Born Again Christians will sin. However, if we find that we are willfully sinning, we need to check how sincere we were when we became Born Again, and make sure we commit ourselves to Jesus and Salvation.

Eventually the indwelling of the Holy Spirit will move you in the right direction, and notify (convict) you when you sin. We will want to unburden ourselves to God through one on one, straight to God confession of those sins. Doing so in the name of Jesus Christ, just as He told us to do, in the Bible.

Where are you going?

Thank you and God Bless,

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