The Need to Know

I am the sort of person who has a need to know. I am in misery when I do not understand something. I am only an average person when it comes to understanding, therefore most every day of my life is spent attempting to gain knowledge and/or understanding on a myriad of subjects. Those subjects may be technical, social, political, religious, humanistic, related to crime, why the lake looks like it does today, why I feel energetic today, why I feel lazy (the norm for me) today, and on and on and on.

I admit however, that I often feel very little compulsion to search for the answers to the questions that are popular with many others today. The answers to their questions, generally seem easy to me.

We are rarely served “knowledge revelations” on a silver platter, but there is no shortage of people around to tell us what we should think. I do that myself right here on this blog.  Actual non bias information that we can use to come to our own conclusions is hard to find.  It seems to me, the only way to find answers or understanding from others in this social media and blog weary society, is to very carefully weed out those that say what they say for the wrong reasons. Personal glorification or power for instance. Along with the absolute liars which exist in great numbers. Anything to prove their point will be used, including complete fabrications.

The need to know, thankfully exists in many people, but then there are the “born followers” whom only do what they are told by those higher ups, and will switch everything they believe in a heartbeat, if those they worship say to do so. You are seeing some of that right now in the dealings with Covid.  Some of the leaders of the movement to close schools, force masks and vaccines, manipulate lives, and over count Covid deaths, are now looking towards the next election. With fear that they could be rightfully blamed, suddenly some are reversing many of their forced mandates. Those that follow and worship those leaders, simply change their opinions 180 degrees, without a whimper. Without question or independent thought. They once said that it’s all about the science. Yaaaa right!

Along with those of us who need to know, there are those who refuse to know. They are always a part of a group, and whatever that group dictates to them to believe, is what they believe. No independent thought required.

In a world where half the people simply follow orders, it can be difficult for the other half who want to hear what everybody has to say, (be they informed, uniformed, honest or liars), so they can make their own decisions and become informed. We currently exist in a Marxist style governance. Only what the demagogues with power say, regardless of fact or fiction, is allowed to be published for consumption.

It is not difficult to understand why so many are gullible. I was taught by everyone from my parents to my school teachers to ultimately think for myself. Do not bend to the crowd. Today, most are taught “group think”. Everything is about the group. Group think always promotes the ideas if you will, of the worst among us. Independent thought will eventually bring those who practice it, close enough together to others of independent thought, that important things can be accomplished. Together, through independent  thinking. So many have been taught from their schooling, to think like the group. The group of the teacher’s choosing.

Group thought, will eventually be cultivated and manipulated by those who are evil. For their own purposes.

Stalin promoted group thought. Mao did the same. Yes, so did Hitler who was  a member of the Socialist Party in Germany, and Mussolini. The differences between Marxist/communists, and fascists,  is so small it does not exist. Each depends on those who accept what the group wants, and reject personal thought.

Do you want to know the truth about who went from  being incredibly rich to being filthy rich during the pandemic? Then check this link. If you have a “need to know” that is.

I do not have and never have had, any issue, when from the framework of free enterprise and a free society, people succeed and become rich. However rich that might be. I only demand that all have the same possible opportunity, and that those who do succeed, do not attempt to keep the larger part of society, poor and ignorant. We are currently seeing a large part of our world, being manipulated via ignorance and through emotion. They are all “globalists” who want you and I to be equally poor and dependent, while they live the life of kings (almost all are male) and power mongers.

Everyone of those “trillion dollar babies”, moved up financially at earth shattering levels during Cornonavirus, while much of the planet slipped into poverty. Each and every one, is a vocal inhabitant of only one side of the political spectrum. All of them supported the vacating of your personal rights during the pandemic. They gave up none of their own. They could be found “maskless” consistently. They represent the side of politics that has gone from complaining about any financial success from anyone (well, except themselves) to supporting those who have obscene amounts of wealth. You know, the sort that during the pandemic while the world was hurting, spent billions to ride in space ships. They are also all men.  No women need apply here. It’s a left of center “good old boys” club like never seen before.  They are the heroes of the millennial generation, and they believe in success and wealth and free speech, only for themselves. While they are the heroes of that generation, there is no group that they manipulate and use more then millennials. They are in fact the most selfish generation of the past 300 years.

Hypocrisy is king.


For those who think that through my silence  I have somehow changed in my political bent, they have been wrong. I simply decided that there are things more important than politics. There are things more important than photography.

While photography will always be the centerpiece of this small, modest blog, political/social discourse, and certainly our own walk with God will always be addressed.

I personally have been in the process recently of  dropping farther and farther away from social media. Not gone, but farther away. I continue of course to follow the news from selected sources and read and listen to those who’s opinions I value. It is just that the daily grind of opinions and fights on social media  was no longer serving a positive purpose for my learning. Also, I certainly was no longer serving a positive purpose for others on that medium.

As for this blog, it will continue until either I for some reason cannot write it, or I am driven off into the wilderness… to speak.

God Bless and have a great day,

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