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As the political landscape in this nation and the world becomes more precarious and more divided, some people within movements, both left and right, are finding it more difficult to accept some newcomers into the family, so to speak. This is not always wrong. While one does need large numbers to win, we are often asked to give up the very principals of the movement we live in, to accommodate the newcomers, who oft times simply do not get it. Sometimes because the principals of thinking things through and coming up with decisions based on freedom and/or right and wrong, has never been thought about or taught to the newcomers.

I am right of center and there are things I can adjust to, and others I cannot. If I am to give up the very beliefs that got me here, to accept those who might share with me the same people that we vote for, but otherwise do not even understand my motives, then frankly who cares?

Some on my side for instance, say they want Supreme Court Justices to interpret our Constitution as written, but really they only want them to do exactly what the left wants them to do, and that is decide for whatever works for us politically, the Constitution be damned. Every single issue that comes before that court, does not always fit within the parameters of true conservatism, although the stats are largely in our favor.

Recently at a Trump rally, a group of attendees which were very much Trump supporters, booed him. They did so because he revealed that he had gotten the vaccine.

I’ll explain pure conservatism  for those who only pretend to be conservative when it suits them.

A fundamentalist and true conservative  wants the decision to vax or not to vax, to be left in the hands of individual people, not a draconian over reaching “big brother” style government. Whether you choose to use or not to use, is YOUR decision either way.

Personally, I have not received the shot, and whether you do or not is your business. It has nothing to do with being a liberal or conservative.

The political left is now attempting to say that those who will not be vaccinated are using the same logic as they do with abortion. My body, my choice! They are as usual bankrupt of both thought and morals.

If I do not get a vaccine, it will not end the life of another person. The vaccinated, can still carry and infect others with Covid. Besides, you have a less than 2% chance of dying from Covid if you do catch it. That innocent unborn child, has a 100% chance of dying.  Even with “botched” abortions which are somewhat common, they wind up in death after they toss the baby into a box to slowly die. As near as I can tell, we are not doing that with Covid patients in hospitals.


This blog like most blogs or websites, tracks the number of visits it receives. The number and from which nation they emanate. There is nothing unusual about that.  When I had my photography website I had a hit counter and more. In fact, it even tracked what state and county (in the U.S. only) you were in, of course what nation you were in, the internet service provider that the person visiting my site used, and believe it or not, what brand of computer and monitor was used. Even to the point of sharing with me the screen resolution that was being used. With friends where I knew those facts personally, I was always able to know when they visited my website.

I bring this up because while I get only a small number of “hits” on this blog, an increasing number of them come from China. I know not whether it is the photography, religion or politics that is drawing them here. I do want to say welcome. Everybody is welcome here and I hope you enjoy yourself. Even if I could, which I can’t, I would never discriminate against anyone because of their ethnicity or country, or national origin. I say this regardless whether or not your nation is open and honest.

I’ll let freedom ring, and you and your country can do the same. That’s the only way it works.


Sometimes it is about what you leave behind.

I have written a lot of posts here about my life. Personal and otherwise. I have always left out any portions that would call attention to any person by name or location. I have also left out or subtracted anything that disclosed too much info about me personally. I have in many ways, used myself as an example as to describe things (bad and good) about people that I see in the world, and/or things that you who read this blog might relate to. We are all different yet we are all alike.

I often look back over my life and wonder how those who have come and gone are doing. Are they even alive?  With most of the people who have occupied a space my life as friends, coworkers, or in relationships, I feel pretty comfortable in saying they have long forgotten me. I can be forgettable, or I can leave an impact, just like most people. It depends on how I perceived the person. If they drew me in, I still think of them, and some might still think of me.

Every so often I wonder how my last close friend in Colorado is doing. I was living alone in Colorado at that time, and he stepped up to be my buddy and we had a great time together. He helped to make those last months out west enjoyable. We partied a lot, and kept late hours, but we always made it back to work at our jobs as truck drivers the next morning.

I hope if my old buddy is still in this world, that I left him with something he can use when needed. A funny thought, or a way to laugh at the world we live in. I know he left me with an abiding respect for how much friendship can mean.

My ex-wife is hopefully still alive and well, and hopefully she is still remarried. Yes, I absolutely mean that. Why would I not want someone I cared about to be happy?  I know that if she is still with us, on an occasion, here and there, she thinks of me as I occasionally think of her. Maybe not in kindness, but I left a part of me behind that she will not forget, and vice versa.

In many ways, that is what a big portion of our lives here are about. Leaving something behind, so we all can live on.  I wish we could only leave the good stuff, but good or bad, our personal  memories and our memories of others, never truly die.


I am thrilled beyond description, by the fact that parents are fighting back in our schools. Mostly woman (mothers), are speaking up at school board meetings and doing so not only eloquently, but forcefully.

When Marxism/communism first attacked this nation in force in the 1930s and then into the 1950s, their technique was to divide and conquer by class. Poor, working class, wealthy, the social elite, etc. Today they are dividing by race. Many if not most of the dividers are white leftists. They hate, so they believe you should hate. Be angry, not hateful. Fight back! Only physically when it is in self-defense of yourself, your property, or in the defense of others. Do not, I said do not, let them win by making you a racist. You will be fulfilling their wildest dreams, and helping them to accomplish their goals, which is division. They can be beaten by our decision to remain colorblind, and ethnically accepting.

Fight for the principals of right and wrong, and freedom.

Of the people and by the people, not of the government and by the government. People create nations and governments, not the other way around.

May God Bless,

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