The Best of Wildlife Photography

I will start today with three superb photographers, and share with you three inspiring wildlife images.

If a an incredibly sharp image of a gorgeous Common (hardly common) Loon was not enough, some warm and inviting reflections in the water it swims in, takes this photo into the spectacular category.

Wildlife ace Charles Glatzer clicked the shutter.

Famed veteran nature photographer John Gerlach, made this flawless image of a Pine Marten in Yellowstone N.P.

On my final trip to Yellowstone as my buddy Ron and I pulled into a parking lot to secure a cabin for the night, I spotted a Pine Martin. Unfortunately it was up in the shadows and obscured branches, and a worthwhile photo never was made.

I am new to the photography of Adam Jones but if this is any indication of what he produces, wow!!!  I have never seen anybody capture a flight shot of a Swallow that was even close to this. I include myself in that group.

A few non wildlife images from me.

There’s nothing like an alpine lake  mirroring some craggy rock forms with snow, and then some green grass and colorful flowers. This scene is located about 13,000 feet in altitude. It was another 1,000 feet+ to the summit. Places like this is why I lived in Colorado for 6 years. The image was made, snow and all, in August.

Scenes in nature are virtually everywhere. The usefulness of those scenes as subjects for photography, can at times be contingent on the seasons and other things, but few people need to travel great distances to find a suitable subject.

I do not know where I made the image below, but it appears to me to be a wooded area near a garden, be it private or public. The image seems to be about flowers, but without that tree trunk to divide the scene up, it would lack focus….so to speak. That trunk also helps define scale.

I have always loved finding and creating this sort of image.

The sun rises and sets almost everywhere on planet Earth. That means that very early in the day and very late, there are often nice images waiting to be created by any photographer who can “see” potential silhouettes.

Graphics abound in contrast laden scenes. These sand dunes are beautiful in any light, but there is something about seeing those “little rivers of shadow” at dusk and using them to produce geometrically eye popping visions, that inspired me. The subject of this scene is obvious, yet the picture is rather abstract.

I mentioned in my last photography post that I loved going out and creating images at locations that were bigger and grander than I was, but also in places the were smaller and more delicate than I am.

I am average sort of person who just tries to find his way through life. At times I have been overwhelmed when things got “too big” for me to comprehend, and often I have walked right past those “little things” in life that without, the world would be far less beautiful.  It pays to search those places where the scale seems to be too big…..or too small.

Keep your eyes, mind and heart open to what you find.

God’s Blessings be with you,

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