Nothing in Particular

I was in the mood today to share something, anything, via this blog, so here we are. It began as nothing in particular, it lives as nothing in particular, and it will eventually die as all blogs do, as nothing in particular. 

I decided to share four images today, which represent the four main avenues for nature photography. Sort of.

The first is possibly the most common sort of nature photo. It comes directly from painting, and employs many of the “so-called” rules of composition which came from painting.  It of course is called the landscape photo.

This image was made in one of the world’s most photographed location, Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona. This is of the foreground, middle ground, and background formula.

When photographic technicians realized that close focus with a camera could be accomplished by extending a bellows, lens, etc., the macro was born.

I always loved to capture out of focus washes of color or tone in the background of my macros when possible. It was possible when I made this flower photo.

Wildlife photography, especially bird photography, it seems must be a close second to landscape photography in popularity.  Animals. In particular birds, are photogenic, and they do interesting things in interesting environments.

This Horned Grebe was caught via my camera one early spring, directly in-between its winter and summer plumage. This species is quite attractive while it is “caught between two seasons”. At least to me it is.

This final image fits loosely into the landscape concept, but it is really a amalgamation between two other genres of nature photography, the sunrise/sunset, and the abstract.

It is clearly a sunrise or sunset, but it contains enough wistful dreaminess about it, to defy reality. I loved creating these hybrids.

So, as the world today continues in a form of its own abstract reality, most of us are left to simply survive, and “take it” as best we can. No matter which side of the political/social chasm we live on, surviving each day, one at a time, is the best we can do.  The answer is God and prayer, but alas one must first realize that, and then commit to it, to experience the benefits. If you have not, I suggest you do.

Those of you who are “right of center”, may wish to check on the new website below.

While it is as one should expect, self aggrandizing in nature, the boasts contained therein, are accurate and made powerful by the wording within the site. Well done!

It will of course drive detractors crazy and cause them to yell fowl, but that is the nature of the beast we call politics. To each their own is a cliché that is underused.

Once again, the answer is the one I referred to in the paragraph above the dotted line.
Happy Trails,

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