The Feminine Side

I did not realize until I began to post and label the first three images below, that today’s photographers are all ladies. I grabbed what pictures caught my eyes from among my Facebook friends, this was what stole my breath away.

I love architectural images such as this one from Brenda Tharp. Colorful geometrics. Mostly sharp angles with bright jarring colors.

One of the best bird photographers who’s work I have seen, is that of Sharon Landis. When you look at this wild Peregrine Falcon, you can almost feel him. Detail rich and full of life.

My love for sunrise/sunset images has never diminished. One of the best mood capturing photographer/artists of these times of day is Karen Hamilton Ashworth.

I know not where this image was created but oh how I would have loved to have been there at that very serene moment.  Arti in every sense.

I certainly do not intend to count these next images as being of the same quality as the above three, but I share with you two of my own just the same.

I’ve always approached photography differently not only with different subjects, but with the same subjects on different days. There are countless ways to look at any given photographic subjects.

There is nothing wrong with finding a subject, and doing your best to create an image that shows clearly how that subject looks. Where a simple and accurate identification can be made of what you are photographing. I found long ago that there is money to be made doing just that.

At other times, I could care less if the photo I am snapping makes a nice identification or not. Often the light itself is my real subject. Or the shadows. Or the color contrasts.

Then of course there is the jackpot when you accomplish everything in one image.

In the first close-up image below, I wanted a clean, sharp image of this hornet or wasp. I also need (right now) a good enough field guide to ID it, but I cannot find it.  Anyway, I am sure that at the moment of conception of this image, my mind was on how grateful I was ti capture an image of a news species. The picture is fairly artful as the pose and background help elevate the image. That art was probably an accident.

I would guess that I could of cared less about what the ID was of this leaf. It was just another leaf to me. I was however, photographing light, shadows, and the shape and texture of water droplets left behind by the  previous night’s dew.

I went out to photograph some fields of Lupine flowers in an open woodland area.  The Lupine leaves became my subject rather than the blossoms. So much dew!!  While I was certainly cognizant of my subject here, nature provided me some “easy art” where my images crossed over into “multiple use” subjects.

Whew, a day with not politics, just photography and art. I needed it and imagine you did too.

God Bless,

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