Joyful Ramblings

After so many years, I amaze myself with the fact that I would still rather share and talk (or write) about photographs than “almost” anything.

Here we go.

Let’s begin with the “macro man” Mike Moats. It is unique today for a nature photographer to stick with one specialty. Mike is the exception and his work is richer for that fact.

I know not the name to the plant you see below, but Mike’s style of dramatic, dimension producing use of light, and art rendering compositions, has once again produced an incredible photo.


Well-done Mike!!!

I just threw together a bunch of my own images with no overriding rhyme or reason.

These first four bird photos were chosen because they were keeping each other company in a folder I put together several years ago. I know not why. They are in a sense all portraits, although most are either in the process of some action, or they indicate some action to come.

Where I live, the American Robin is our state bird. There are prettier birds but I have loved Robins since I was very little. This “almost mature” bird puts forth a regal and pretty pose. This image does not even suggest action.

These two portraits are in fact actions shots. This beautiful male American Goldfinch preened and posed beautifully for me  in front of a clean and blue sky. I spent some great time with my friend, thanked him (seriously I usually thanked them), and moved on.
This immature Black-crowned Night Heron is being perfectly still, but is signally that if it spots a fish in the water below, it will be on the move.

Motionless poses that suggest action and behavior to come, are an entire category within my wildlife photography.
5HorA17 030

Then of course there is actual action. Mom (I believe) is coming home to spell dad on the job of caring for their young.

True love, teamwork, or instinct? You and I will really never know, but as long as they keep doing it photographers will keep recording it.
6Osprey2008 029

I’ve always loved landscapes with wildlife in them. I have made precious few of such images, but one fairly crude example is from when I accidentally came across some Bighorn Sheep (with neck collars) in the Badlands of South Dakota.
7Copy of DSC_3283

I thought would honor Mike Moat’s gorgeous macro by sharing a few of my own. I think those of you who have been with me a while might agree, these are not my top of the line macros, but I wanted to share some I have never shared before, and one that was last shared probable 8 years ago.

Getting personal with a dragonfly.
7IBeach2 170b

Dew choked.

More dew.

And then to close a sunrise on Wolf Lake

Thank you for putting up with my “Joyful Ramblings”.

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