Closed For The Season

As the fall season passes into memory, my own remembrances of the
Rocky Mountains in autumn, creep into my mind.

Michael Frye captured this vision of a mountainside in northern Utah
in autumn. I am glad he did.

When detail is the order of the day, the world is filled with
subjects. I love this close-up view of field corn, created by Jack

You can immerse yourself in the colors of the corn.

The animal world.

Of the many hundreds of images of Red Fox I have published on these
pages, I often avoid adult males in summer. The kits are beginning to
succeed at hunting, and the female has now returned to full time
hunting. The males are not needed as much and they are beaten down from hunting for up to seven (including the female) hungry critters. I have known them to hunt for
18 hours in a day (and night). The insects and the heat are also now
taking its toll.  They love to get off by themselves and just itch and
scratch. Of course, they look like hobos.

I caught this one in Illinois in 2008.

Not perfect shots and a less than pretty fox, but every picture tells a story.
1cFoxy again 201c
1dFoxy again 195

1eFoxy again 205
Back to the season.

Fall is just about dead. Michael Frye showed us the glory of the
western mountains in autumn but here in the Upper Midwest, we produce
a bit of color ourselves.
1fFallPets 065

Fall is one of my favorite times for macros. Autumn is grand, but it
is also small and detail laden.
1gFall 011b


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