Change of Plans

Today’s post began as a photography article. That was aborted when
something else came to my attention. I will share with you the first
image that was to be published, and then I will get to the heart of
the matter.

Dark-eyed Junco

HawthBYBs 045

Maybe next time I will complete my entire photography post.

No Sacred Cows Part Two

I have promised the readers of this blog, that within the
political/social criticism that I occasionally charge when I
write, I will criticize those who I have supported when I believe they
are wrong. I have criticized this President, whom I normally support,
on three occasions. In one past article, I criticized former House
(Republican) Chairman and Wisconsinite, Paul Ryan as well. That entire
article was called, No Sacred Cows.

I was not unduly hard on Trump in my criticism, because of all the
positive things he has done. The same was true of my comments on Ryan.
He is the largest ‘singular reason for the tax cut with which this
economy has taken off and grown.

I don’t let the bad things slip by, but I never forget the good things.

Paul Ryan’s criticisms (yes plural) are hardly of the sort that equate
to the conservatives that I and others call, the never-Trumpers. They
are comparatively small in stature.

Ryan has been criticized roundly by some on the political right (they
are not conservatives) for years, mainly because they do not like his
style of negotiating. The way he walks, the way he talks.

Even when he gets things done.

The above paragraphs are my disclaimers because I do not want to be
considered as one of those who hated him when he was doing what a
conservative, should support. My reasoning’s for what I do and do not
support, are unemotional and quite different from the group I have

Now, here is the gist of my current anger at Ryan.

We are in a war, both philosophical, and literal, for the minds and hearts of America.
It is a life or death battle for those who believe in true democracy
and free speech.  That doesn’t mean that anybody, be they Ryan or this
President, won’ be criticized by me, and hopefully by any true
conservative when it is deserved. What it does mean is we need to get
over this nit picky, small minutia of what somebody’s personal style
of governing is, and other such things.

Whether it is Paul Ryan or anybody else, grow up and look at what gets
done and comment on that, not on what it is you like or dislike about
their personal style.


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