The Deeper Meaning

I didn’t write the poster below and I do not know who did. It begins with the subject of kneeling for our National Anthem in the NFL and looks forward from there. Not too many years ago I would have agreed with a few of these thoughts, but I would’ve considered the rest to be cooky. Beginning in 2008, extending into 2012-2016 I began to truly look at the big picture. With what I have seen over the past year, I now have no doubts whatsoever. I agree with every single word on the poster.

Please read every word. We are GIVING AWAY our heritage, and what we have stood for. That includes conservatives and/or Republicans. We cannot continue to grumble about “those damn Democrats or liberals”, but then just take it.

Stand up!!!!!!!!



If you are a gun owner, let it be known that there are now major American newspapers who are calling for gun confiscation from you, me and anyone else who has one. Something that we were warned of all the way back to George Washington. Then only the government, and criminals (sometimes one and the same) will have guns.


To carry on my thoughts from a previous post about Alabama senatorial candidate Roy (or Ray) Moore and my belief that he should drop out of the race due to very credible accusations that he raped a 14 year old girl many years ago, let me say this. There are those who now say that if he wins the office, that he should be removed from office. In that last post I applauded Republicans for doing what Democrats never do in asking a potentially terrible (criminal) candidate of theirs to drop out of the race. As is always the case with some Republicans, they do the right thing but then carry it too far.

If he is legally elected, this person (slime in my opinion) who has not been convicted of anything, has a right (via this thing we call Democracy) to serve.

Sometimes I think this whole country is run by 8 year olds who don‘t have the knowledge or the aptitude to decipher rule of law, and are minus simple common sense. They never know when or where to stop!

No, I do not support President Trumps lifting of the ban against importing trophy animals including Elephants from two African countries.  More Americans are served by keeping the ban in place than by removing it, not to mention the animals.

Please do however, make sure that you (and I) know what we are angry about. This has nothing to do with the (since the 1960s)  ban on importing ivory. This kills an executive order by President Obama that was made in his second term. It applied specifically to two nations.

I am never afraid of disagreeing with those who I have supported when I feel it is right. I only wish my opposition had as much character.


I know that sometimes a few readers of this blog think I am antiscience. I suppose they consider me a bible thumper of sorts. I will tell you right now I love and always have been fascinated by science. Science can and often does do great things for mankind. Unfortunately science today is ruled by left of center politics, and atheism. Those scientists who are after answers and knowledge rather than only attempting to prove correct one side of politics, are at best ignored by the world of science, at worst libeled and slandered when they come to conclusions that do not fit the mold that leftest politicos and atheists desire. The Nobel Prize for Science (and politics etc.) are a joke at best as the awards are handed out in accordance with political correctness.

So, yes I like and follow science, but reject anything in non-medical science that isn’t discovered with an open mind and a genuine hunger for truth.



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