Predators….The Human Kind

“Hollywood HATES tax cuts, unless they’re for Hollywood productions. Hollywood HATES sex abusers, unless they’re named Clinton or Weinstein.” Larry Elder

Harvey Weinstein….Sexual Predator. Rich, Hollywood mogul. High profile Democrat.

We have now learned that the kings and queens of hypocrisy and false news, The New York Times, sat on the news of the truth about Weinstein for years.

Let’s look at the acceptance/denial of the 20th/21st Century sexual predator.

Some people of both political/social beliefs might also ask, what about Bill Cosby? He is indeed an interesting case and by all facts so far, a sexual predator.

Everything I’ve ever found out about Cosby is that he has been an old fashioned semi-conservative Democrat. He was often linked to the political right because of two speeches he gave in American cities. He had the audacity to suggest that black neighborhoods should take the bull by the horn and attempt to fix their own problems instead of waiting for what they perceive as white America to do it for them. That caused a furor among big city and national Democrats of all colors who derive their power and their money from holding inner city blacks captive and convinced they are powerless to fix what’s wrong. The investigations from the left sought out to find something, anything that would discredit Cosby. They found it.

A lot of conservatives and Republicans use to love to lay claim to Cosby as one of their own. There is nothing to suggest he was anything but a big city Democrat who happened to speak his mind rather than tow the line that is assigned by liberals and Democrats for famous blacks.

He was also a sexual predator.

Of course we all remember liberal to a fault David Letterman and how he (admittedly) forced himself on female members of his staff, eventually offering promotions if they would have sex with him. He was married at the time. Of course, unlike Fox News who has fired it’s own version of Letterman, CBS never even sanctioned Letterman. In fact, he joked about it on his show. It seems it is “cute” when liberal men prey on woman.

It would take a lifetime to discuss America’s most famous pervert and sexual predator Bill Clinton. The liberals of America, including so-called woman’s rights groups, have always defended him haven’t they?

It would take about ten more paragraphs to complete everything about Teddy Kennedy. One dead girl, a woman taken on a table in the back of a bar, in front of viewers?

Anthony Wiener? No thanks!

Oh wait….I forgot. The current President (Republican) of the United States, is on tape making some vulgar comments that were inappropriate, long before he entered politics. For this we were asked to persecute him.

My point is, there are sexual predators everywhere. A very large number of them have come from the political left. Their (the left’s) pretense of being offended and their hypocrisy are both laughable. They are in many ways, enablers of many famous sexual predators.


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