Planting The Seed ll

This is the second Planting the Seed Article I have written over the years. If you read that first one, you will see that I have changed since that time. Some of that, is owed to those who plant seeds.

When one stands and looks back at life, it seems to me that how many regrets that our lives our stained with, is how most people seem to gage the worthiness of it all. I’ve led a life that at times was unwholesome and selfish. I’ve walked away from almost everything and everybody that graced my path. I should have many regrets but I simply do not. We all serve a purpose in each others lives, but that is not necessarily forever.

There are very few people that I’ve known well, that I would remove from my life’s story, even if that was possible. Everyone of them has a part in moving me towards becoming who I am, or at least who I hope to be. I may have walked away, but I never forgot. Most have left a seed in my brain that I can, and have, used to my benefit.

I’ve always admired farmers, and gardeners. It must be very fulfilling to plant a seed, and then nurture it, protect it, and watch it grow to serve its purpose in life, be that to feed others, or to fill he world around it with beauty. That would seem to be the ultimate goal of having children.

We can also plant the seed of knowledge, and spiritual enlightenment. That is a form of planting the seed of thought, and that can be a most dangerous sort of planting. Both good and evil are propagated that way.

I believe we can all benefit from seed planters, but when it comes to the human mind and soul, care must be taken. I have a rule against accepting the seed of spiritual enlightenment from others without careful thought and soul searching. That should include for others, what I say on these pages. I am no guru nor do I desire to be one. I am slow to allow myself to be driven to new opinions by others, and that same care should be taken by those who read these pages. I often change, but I do not ascribe to philosophical or religious changes in my beliefs just because of the style or demeanor of a “seed planter”. I never allow myself to be “washed” back and forth in my opinions or beliefs because of a talented seed planter (propagandist?)  that is in my midst.

For many years I watched and read the wisdom of philosopher Wayne Dyer. He served a valuable purpose in my growth. Still, I never deified him. I never deify any human being accept the Son of God. Never!

I fully believe that the Word of God, commonly known as the Bible, is just that, God’s Word. Still, it took most of my life to come to that realization. I never doubted that there were good things in that Book, but it took a lifetime to understand the blending of God’s Word with the humans who penned it. Finally, I realized that God knew, that was the only way to do it. Let humans (selected by God) put quill to scroll, but let their thoughts come from the Divine. The humans that penned the Bible, wrote far beyond their human capabilities, although they retained their personal styles and knowledge. My apologies to those who worship the physical writers of the Bible.

Governments can plant seeds, both good and bad.

The most successful government programs, among those that at least pretend to be about the people’s welfare, are those that teach those people how to do things.

If a doctor attempts to rehabilitate someone who has been in a terrible accident, to maybe restore the gift of walking, he/she will use a therapist to “re-teach” that person how to walk. Planting the seed should always be in some sense educational and literally productive.  It should reveal something. The seed grows, one step at a time, so to speak.

Revelation is the first word, and just as it is in the Bible, it should be the last Word. Revealing the truth is the only way to teach the truth.

Bless all the seed planters.

John 8:12

Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”


Photo Time

Why do I show this picture of a sleepy owl for the fourth time in the history of the Earth Images Blog? Because this shot and others made that morning are the only “showable” images of an Eastern Screech owl I have ever made.1eDSC_4016

Some days are just great. Later on the same morning I made the owl picture I and a friend had a great time with a pair of nesting Bald Eagles. Notice this one is banded and has a fish in its talons.1cDSC_4079

Every morning that the sun sunrises is a good one, especially for a photographer. This is where the Pike River empties into Lake Michigan.KenoSRCorm 011b

In the spotlight. I love this spotlight affect at Morgan Falls in Wisconsin. I miss that drive through the forestry roads of the Chequamegon National Forest in anticipation of visiting my old friend Morgan Falls. Will there be a little water or a lot? Will she be gentle or wicked?MFallsBE 0232nd

Have a great day,                                                                                                                              Wayne

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