Still Here

Below you will find a reproduction of my About Wayne page that is located on the menu to the right of the Earth Images blog home page. I include this today because it was published in April of 2010. Over 7 years ago. This blog was supposed to be short lived. You never know how things will turn out. I have shared the sparse contents of my brain, and the strange contents of my heart with you. There are 1074 posts currently living here. A dozen or so were written by Ron Toel and about 25 more have been deleted for unfit content by the person who wrote them……me.  January of 2011 is the only month since the creation of Earth Images, that a post was not added.

About Wayne

I have been involved in one form or another of professional photography, be it part time or full time, since 1971. I spent many years in sports editorial (mostly car racing) photography. I have done studio, wedding and architectural photography as well. My first love has always been the natural world and in recent years I have made nature stock photography and photography workshops the center piece of my photographic endeavors. I started my first website in 1996 and recently closed down the Earth Images site. I am in fact on my way towards a premature retirement but still find the desire and need to both comment and make a few pictures along the way. I am sort of weaning myself off of this life long passion.

My first love has always been stock photography and a small sampling of my credits are……National Geographic Books, Smithsonian, Time Inc., Birder’s World, Birds & Blooms, Outdoor Photographer, The Wilderness Society, The Nature Conservancy, AAA, Gladstone Calendars, Stock Car Racing, Open Wheel and many, many more.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Wayne Nelson

While Earth Images is supposed to be about photography and nature, to say that I have at times strayed from that path would be an understatement. My personal stories abound here as do my comments on politics, social issues, religion and whatever else crosses my mind. Many readers have left in anger due to my candid style. Some took my love for nature and photography to mean they could assume what my opinions would be on many other subjects. (Typecasting does not work well with me.) Most of those people are long gone as readers. While new people of undetermined interests read this blog every day, some of you have been here from the beginning, and I am both amazed at that, and eternally grateful for your loyalty. Good friends are hard to come by.

An example of a non-photography post written by myself in March of this year is
Simple Thoughts

This appears to be the first image I placed on Earth Images. The picture was created in 2009. This blog has been an important part of my life, and so have foxes.whfox-081

The ride is not yet over, but of course nothing we do here lasts forever. I hope you will stick with it for as long as it does last. Hmmm, maybe 2148 posts?

Good Bless, Wayne

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