Tomorrow Meets Yesterday

Below you will find six special images, created by six great photographers.

What a powerful composition of a sunset image made along California’s Pacific Cost by Adam Burton. I have no previous experience with Adam’s  pictures, but if this is an example, I will be looking for more of them.CaliforniaCoastAdamBurton

The type of colorful “full exposure” imagery you see above, is a hallmark of today’s landscape photography. We never know where technology or art will take us, but sometimes the farther we travel the more we repeat ourselves. When you view the last image of today’s post, you will see some similarities to this first image, It is a film image that was made before HDR imaging and digital software programs.

Michael Frye is a landscape great who is equally adept with big powerful grand landscapes and small, gentle, ethereal scenes. This is the latter and it was created in Yosemite Valley.

Morning reflections, dogwood and the Merced River, Yosemite NP, CA, USA

Morning reflections, dogwood and the Merced River, Yosemite NP, CA, USA

Then of course there is indeed the grand landscape. Bryan Haile is the photographer, and the location is one of my favorites among all the places I have visited. This is Canyonlands N. P. in Utah. I love the play of light as it hits only the highest formations. sunsetMarlboroPointMoabUtahBryanHaile

I’m pretty sure I’ve never shared a photo of a cut flower arrangement before, although I’m not actually sure that the flowers are real. Great photos are great photos even if they are simple indoor images of a scene that has been created by, what I am assuming ( always dangerous), is the photographer himself. Paul Murphy made the picture and I think what attracts me to this image is first of all, the neat arrangement of flowers and the way the colors are divided and spread, and then the crisp image with complimentary lighting, and finally that great black background. Well-done Paul!VibrantFlowersPaulMurphy

I found this great image of three Giraffes, on Google Plus. The picture is wonderful but I have to say, it’s pretty hard to shoot at the setting sun, and have your subjects, which are in the same direction, be front lit.  Photographic magic.  Just the same, this is a great picture to enjoy. It was provided by The World of Animals.WoA

Every so often, I like to remember the greats of outdoor photography, who are no longer with us. Photography legend and friend Galen Rowell was memorialized in 2012 by Outdoor Photographer in an article labeled Lessons Learned From Galen Rowell. He and his wife Barbara died in a plane crash in 2002. With the exception of Ansel Adams, Galen is the only photographer ( I believe ) ever to have the nightly network news speak of his passing. zGalenRowellbbcc

I always love to let everyone know, that my own personal photography, and my ideas that went with it, were created from within rather than from without. That is true, but there have been influences. Galen’s book (and concept) Mountain Light helped sculpt my view, and change my life.

May God Bless,                                                                                                                                       Wayne


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