One Part Man, One Part Nature

Today’s photography post is divided into two sections, the first being images of manmade objects, and the second being abstracts of nature.

Man’s Legacy

Most nature photographers that I know would argue that anything that is referred to as Man’s Legacy, isn’t worth photographing. Actually (my opinion) while my love for nature sometimes has also led me to that conclusion, the human world is full of arts and crafts and it is egotistical for a nature photographer to say none of that wonder is worth some photographic effort.

I miss studio photography, as little of it as I did, “almost” as much as natural outdoor photography. It is an amazing training ground for creative vision, and how to bring that vision to fruition. Purposeful, artificial lighting can actually teach you a lot about natural light. Bringing to reality, things that only occupy your imagination, will make you a more complete photographer when you enter “nature’s studio“ and are charged with the task (joy) of photographically arranging all that nature is.

Studio photography was something that I only dabbled in, and paying commercial assignments, were few and far between. There was certainly never a job photographing vintage Harley Davison motorcycles, much less one with a model like this. I still dream of a day like that, with the motorcycle and the model.  I’m getting older, I’m not dead.

Thomas Kaercher was the lucky and talented photographer who completed this assignment.1Vintage Harley shoot Thomas Kaercher

The amazing artistic architecture of the Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran makes a breathtaking photo from this vantage point with a wide-angle lens. Amazing Pictures is all I have for a credit.

2Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran, Amazing Pictures

I love staircase abstracts and this is as intriguing as any I have seen. Once again, point of view is everything and straight up is perfect for this shot. Smashing Apps owns the photo.3th_interior53

There’s nothing in man’s world like artificially colored light at dusk, some modern architecture with reflections. Tony Puah made the picture.4Webb Bridge - ANZ and Bridge - HDR Flex - Landscape Deep - Tony Push

I love trains and old steam locomotives are my favorite. This one’s coming at us, and it is bellowing both smoke and steam as it chugs its way out of the forest. Great shot. published the picture.


Conceptual Nature

I am a fairly literal guy, although I have had friends who have pointed out that even literal things can be approached in a vague manner. I believe they were suggesting that at times, I am a bit too vague. I also enjoy literal photography. Obvious subjects photographed in a way that honors those subjects, hopefully with some artistry or craftsmanship. With that being said, photography would have never been a sufficient outlet for me, if I could not have occasionally create images that were as much me as they were the subject. When a photograph is all of me, and all of the subject (yes that is possible), it is most often a personally recognized abstraction of the literal world. To foreshorten my last sentence, I have always felt the need to make abstracts.

My favorite nature/landscape/abstract artist is easily Guy Tal. This shot of early autumn reflections is a dreamscape of sorts. Mirror images that include the actual subject (trees etc.) are always tempting but having the discipline to focus on the reflection only, has great rewards. Among other things it tickles the imagination of future viewers.5uautumn reflectionsGuy Tal

I find this close-up abstract b&w of leaves and ice to be beautiful. Looking down for patterns and textures should be a part of every nature photographers daily activity. Reducing this image to b&w, leaves us with an uncluttered appreciation of those patterns and textures. More fine art from Guy.5zIce in b&w

Our final three nature abstracts were created by Oscar Parra. I won’t say that Oscar creates all of his art in-camera, but he has a “good eye” as they say for color, pattern and design.

We begin with an aerial abstract of the land including crops, move on to a unique b&w through the trees, and finish with a powerful and beautifully surreal image entitled, Spiral Galaxy. Oscar’s work is mostly abstract but not all nature. It is fascinating and worth a look.6aerial abstract Oscar Parra again7trees Oscar Parra

8The Spiral Glaxy Oscar Parra

The term creation for a photographer, usually means taking what you see, and making it yours. Owning it. Whether your intent is to honor the subject of the photo, or put your own vision on display, every photo should contain a little bit of yourself, or else all you are is a taker of snapshots or worse yet, selfies.

Separate yourself from the crowd.

Happy Trails,                                                                                                                                  Wayne


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