The Big Lie

The paragraphs below are my opinions, based on my observations. I am in fact, exercising my constitutional right of free speech. Like all God-given rights in today’s world, I want to use it while I can.

I know that some of you, including some who are my friends, will be angry at what I am about to say. I apologize in advance, but it’s time to quit mincing words.  It is indeed meant to be a condemnation of the Democrat Party, based on both what has happened in my lifetime, and especially what is happening now.  It not an endorsement of any other political parties, as I do not belong to any party.

The statement below comes recently from the Communist Party USA.

“ We are the progressive pro labor wing of the Democrat Party.”


The most amazing aspect (well maybe not) of that public statement, is that as far as I know, the Democrat Party is not distancing themselves from that statement or the group. I applaud them for that fact, as at least they are beginning to acknowledge what they have become.

What else is amazing is that logo makes a power to the worker assertion, just like their propaganda alluded to in the 1930s. One group who has zero power under communism, is the worker. Power to the worker my a**! Communism confiscates property including businesses, and employs who they want where they want. You go where your told, do what your told, and are compensated at a rate that the government wants to compensate you. Much like our social welfare system, it is designed to keep you dependant on the government for your all of your needs. Socialism is only a microbe away from communism. In every generation, there are people seemingly waiting in line to believe the lie that communism really is. As the propaganda we face every day increases, the amount of people in that line increases exponentially.

For you union people, do understand that while communists support unions when they are attempting to gain power, those unions are either tossed out or taken over by the government or their minions as soon as they gain that power. So many have learned that the hard way.

Socialism and Communism are in fact sisters, and they together, are one part of “the big lie”.

I know that the Democrat Party is still supported by many fine older Americans who are pretty conservative by nature, but grew up supporting that party, or belong or belonged to a union, and they support the party because of it. I have been a member of two unions on four separate occasions. My father and my mother were union members. I like my father, voted for Democrats for many years. Times change.

Let’s understand just how fast things are moving. Just a few years ago, if someone made the accusation that a politician who was a Democrat, was a socialist, that comment would be condemned, and the substance of it denied. Today, one time freedom loving friends of mine and yours, who happen to be Democrats, are embracing that socialism. So you think you’re not one of them? A lot has been rightfully made of the folly of Donald Trump’s early success in the Republican poles. Right now, an admitted socialist, is leading the poles in the Democrat Party. He calls himself a socialist out loud and proudly, and he is leading your poles. I suppose that could be a good sign, as his opponent is known by everybody to support even worse forms of government and be slightly less than honest as well. Maybe those who are embracing the socialist, are actually trying to fight communism?

Two days ago, an acquaintance of mine, posted a graph on Facebook, with four boxes showing the best form of government to the worse. The worst was free enterprise style democracy, and the best was communism. This slightly left of center Democrat, has moved that far in the past seven years. This person would have been enraged if anybody would have called her a communist, even three years ago. The line is moving at break neck speed and what were once normal everyday Americans, are supporting what is at times, Stalin/Soviet Union type ‘big brother” communism. The death of free speech, government control over your lives, a totalitarian “single branch” style of government. I pray those people are simply ignorant or suffer from the closed mind syndrome, and know not what they do.

We are already into the beginnings of Greek style socialism in America, it will, if the powers that be have their say, conclude with the new model of communism that we see in China. People will be allowed to operate businesses and make great wealth as long as they share that wealth with the right people, and those specific government types. They are of course subject to the government taking whatever they want, whenever they want, but as long as you support the “right cause“, you can keep billions for yourself. That happens now in America, you only need to look at Warren Buffet, or the Hollywood left. The masses will be assigned to work for the few. The Common Core educational initiative that is at work in its infant stages in all 50 states, is intended to move America to that conclusion.  Less or no control, not only over your children’s education, but over your children’s future, and your children in general.  The government will “build” the society it sees fit, and you will have little to say about it.

For the first time in my life, I have seen government agencies co-opted for political use of a single party. One of our largest federal agencies has pursued groups of one political point of view, searching and hoping to find anything amiss, while completely ignoring the other side. Of course you might say, where’s the proof. Well you see America’s biggest financial/tax agency apparently deletes their emails. (I think that’s a disease in Washington). Well, at least they didn’t keep those that pertained to this subject. You try deleting or throwing things away that are important the next time you are audited. Of course, deleted emails can still be recovered from computers, but they misplaced their computers and do not know where they went. Who will be used by the political left next, the FBI, the military?  That last one certainly “should” have scary implications in the minds of everyone, whatever your political affiliations. I think I hear a knocking at my door right now.

A local District Attorney’s office has pursued one politician by going after those that support the same things that the politician stands for. This went on for six years. Literally, I said literally, doing the bidding of the state’s Democrat Party. Even liberal judges have been forced to tell this so-called law enforcement agency to cease and desist. The actual DA, in front of witnesses, stated that he would get this state’s Governor, one way or another. Damned the truth, and long live partisan government agencies who are supported financially in nonpartisan manners by all taxpayers.

Democrats and their supporters should have been speaking out against these atrocities because we are all Americans. Their silence is deafening and helps to prove just how far the American left has co-opted the average citizen (voter?).  Eventually you will pay the price just like everyone else. That’s always the case.

My America may well be dead, but you best “be careful what you wish for”. History is ripe with people supporting the sort of government that is being propagated today within that party, and the results are among the saddest in world history.

Freedom is easy to give away, but very hard to get back.

I have spent my life telling people, no matter their beliefs or political affiliations, to vote. Now for the first time in my life, I would not mind if people who are blinded as to how far things have moved, would just stay home on election day.


The section below was written before the first portion of today’s post. It was the original theme intended for publication.

From the Christian perspective, sin and salvation is widely misunderstood, although it is pretty simple once it begins to open up to you.

Romans 6:3-9

3: Know you not, that so many of us were baptized into Jesus Christ ( it means into Christ, and is not speaking of water baptism), were we baptized into his death? (Also not water baptism. Jesus was our substitute, we in essence, died with Him. It was done entirely for us).

4: Therefore we are buried with Him by baptism into death (yes we were buried with Him too), that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the Glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in the newness of life. ( We died with Him, we were buried with Him, and His resurrection is also ours).

5: For if we have been planted together (with Jesus) in the likeness of His death, we shall also be in the likeness of His resurrection. ( To have the likeness of His resurrection, we must understand His death)

6: Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth, we should not serve sin. ( The guilt of sin is removed at salvation because of His sacrifice on Calvary’s Cross)

7: For he ( the old person we were before salvation) who is dead, is freed from sin. ( The sin nature no longer has a grip on us, although it still lies in wait)

8: Now if we be dead in Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him.

9: Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dies no more ( He went to the Cross only once for all time and all sinners who will believe), death has no more dominion over Him, ( Once again, he died for us one time. And death has no dominion over us either, as long as we accept what He did, and repent of our sins. This is speaking in terms of our eternal souls, and is not speaking of our mortal bodies)


There is a sort of tie in with my opinions on the first part of my post, and the study of God’s Word (the Bible) for Christians. I realize that only Christians will truly have an interest in the paragraphs below, but I certainly suggest that everyone read them.

The Bible preaches and warns diligently about one world government, one world religion and a one world monetary system. Even the Global-ism of George W. Bush was at odds with the Bible. The Bible also says that even during Christ’s millennial thousand-year reign, there will be free enterprise and commerce just as there was in biblical times.

The reason for all of that is simple. Freedom of choice, a government that does not oppress, as well as free enterprise, are biblical principles. Communism and even basic socialism are not Christian. The form of government that our founders gave us, and the freedom from that government which was included, is in fact built on biblical principles.  That just might be why socialism and communism always attempts to remove God and especially Christianity from their country. You might ask why wouldn’t God want one world religion? A Christian one? God knows that the world will not be entirely Christian (free will and sin) when the tribulation and even the millennial reign come to an end. Any one world religion will include pseudo Christians that will abandon true Christianity to “blend” with other religions. That’s something to remember when you hear current pseudo Christians like Rick Warren talk about things like Chrisilam (a Christianity/Islam mix and more). He preaches what he does because it gains him power, and because he does not truly believe the Word of God. Like all false teachers, what he teaches is based in truth, as to sound good and trap the unaware Christian. It is pop-psychology not Christianity, and is designed to appeal to those who call themselves Christians, but believe that everything is here and now, and really comes from man. It is in fact, the second half of “the big lie”.

I’ve seen commercials recently showing Warren as he is “whoring out” the name of Jesus Christ to sell weight loss schemes through television ads.  Always watch what TV preachers and self-proclaimed Christian book writers sell, and what they will not sell.  If it is not (truly) biblically educational it is meant to separate you from your money…period.


God never changes and neither does His Word. Whether you belong to a small, 20 member nondenominational church, the largest church in the world which belongs to an equally large denomination, or you watch church on TV, God and His Word still doesn’t change. It is eternal.

There is some room for interpretation in the Bible, but if your church or denomination changes what they preach, that means that they were either wrong in the beginning, are wrong now, or have always been wrong. The Word of God never changes to fit the times. It was the same yesterday, and is the same today and tomorrow, because it was written with the Knowledge of eternity.

If your minister, pastor, priest or preacher, is called to teach/preach by God, they are  directed to preach the truth, without correction (or political correctness), regardless of how hard it may be to hear. God’s truth, will always get easier to understand when you call on Him (prayer) for understanding. Never, ever, ever underestimate the power of prayer.

Your minister, pastor, priest or preacher will have to answer to God (that’s biblical) for any untruths, including schemes and fads, and you (also biblical) will ultimately be held responsible for your own spiritual discernment. That responsibility goes with the gift of free will.


The totality of today’s post includes my opinions as both an American and a Christian. It is easy for me to write from both points of view on a single page, because this country was founded and nurtured on a belief in God, and on the principles of the Bible. That does not mean that every founder was a born again Christian, or that they wanted Christianity to be a government mandated religion. As an American, you have the right to believe what you want to believe, as long as you do not threaten or seek to harm others, or are not suggesting that anyone be forced to belief what you believe. Christianity is a belief based on free will. You are to love and minister to those who have other beliefs, not kill them as some religions preach. Jesus died for everybody. All colors, both sexes, and those who follow other religions.  Salvation can belong to anyone, regardless of their past.

When I write about Christianity, I am writing about what I believe to be the truth, and hoping you will give it a try, when I write about America, I am writing about a nation formed as one, under God, but granting its citizens the right to believe what they want, as long as they grant others the same, and do not threaten violence to those who seek another path.

A nation where you can believe and say what you wish, as long as violence is not a party to your words.

Thank you very much and may God Bless,                                                                             Wayne

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