Artist’s Statement

It amazes me how seriously some artists take themselves. Do not misunderstand me, I love art, especially photographic art. I think an artist should quietly believe they create art. I also fully understand why some people become introspective about their life and their art, and then share what they’ve discovered through words written for public consumption. I’ve been known to do that myself, although usually minus any references to artistic qualities I might “think” I possess. What I am saying is, there are a few photographer/artists out there, that need badly to lighten up every once in a while. Maybe take themselves a little less seriously. You’re not saving lives or re-mapping the human genome. No matter how many times you tell us you’re an artist, it will still always be a matter of opinion. Just create what you create, and share it. It’s great to share profound thoughts, but on an occasion here and there, have a laugh and show us, maybe by using a little self-deprecating humor, the humility that makes us endearing to those other humans that we share the world with. We’re all flawed, especially me, and when the day comes that I don’t at least occasionally confess my flaws on these pages, I promise you I will cease writing the Earth Images blog.

How’s that for an artist’s statement.


Sand filled rooms in Kolmanskop, Namibia by Ian Plant1Sand-filled-rooms,-Kolmanskop,-Namibia, Ian Plant

Stones in rock crevices, Isle of Skye, Scotland by John Paul Caponigro2Isle of Skye, Scotland, John Paul Caponigro

Formula One driving champion Lewis Hamilton after his recent victory in Great Britain. Photo from Mercedes Benz3Formula One Camplian, Lewis Hamilton. Photo from Mercedes-Benz

Myanmar at dusk by Clelia Mattana4Myanmar, Clelia Mattana


Layers. Rocky Mountain sandwich.5BLCanSanJuan 008

Autumn. Warm and cool6lifePets70 069

Looking up


Rippled8Copy of DSC_0210bbb


The oldest woman in the world was recently interviewed. She is one of only two people in the world left alive, who was born in the 1800s. She is 116. In the interview, she gave credit for her longevity to the same steady breakfast diet for the last 100 years of her life. That would be bacon and eggs. I’d love to know this person. My guess is that she doesn’t take herself, or the latest fads too seriously. I’m betting she practices the art of living.smileys_laugh


God Bless,                                                                                                                                       Wayne


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