Just Another Six Pack?

The answer to today’s title question is……I think not. We have six very special and anything but ordinary images today.

Daniel Schwabe created this ‘anything but ordinary” black & white of the Torres del Paine in Patagonia. Beautiful natural light with deep rich tones created by darkening the sky while still retaining detail in the land areas, are the hallmark in this image. I just wish I could have shared with you the 1,400 pixel photo that this 640 pixel is derived from.1Daniel Schwabe, Patagonia Torres del Paine

Top landscape photographer Michael Frye continues to amaze with his powerful images. This time exposed view of Yosemite Falls by moonlight is as good as I have seen. The word amazing keeps popping up in my mind. I am close (not quite) to being rendered speechless.Upper Yosemite Fall illuminated by the rising moon, Yosemite NP, CA, USA

How of about a view of the Long’s Lake dock under the Aurora Borealis? This may be the most different view I have seen of the Aurora Borealis  Let’s give a round of applause to Martin Male (MDM Photography) for pulling it off……and then some.3Martin Male Aurora photos from the dock on Long Lake

I’ve shown you a lot of glitz today. Beautiful, artistic glitz, but glitz. The term “less is more” still does apply in photography, and this minimalist view of a California lake by Michael Ryan proves just that. Simple, elegant and powerful all fit together here.4Michael Ryan, California, minimilist

There are abstracts and then there are abstracts. I love this picture of Lodgepole Pines and snow in Yellowstone N. P. by RobTilley so much, that I have no intention of questioning his techniques. I absolutely love this image.5Rob Tilley, Yellowstone in winter, burned Lodgepole Pines and snow.

WOW! I wanted to include one wildlife photo in today’s post and I found one that will catch your attention. Basit Munir caught this shark as it swam through a school (or a university) of fish, and right into our face. I even love the composition with this beautiful image. It kind of makes you want to jump out of the water.6Shark, Basit Munir

Today’s post is meant to celebrate creativity and excellence in outdoor photography. Go out today and practice a little “photo art” yourself.

I always forget to add this caveat when I am publishing images from photographers other than myself. I know (personally) a lot of great photographers. Only on rare occasions do I display images from photographers who are in fact personal friends. It gets too easy to leave people out when you start down that road. I am more than happy to make an entire post of the images from any friend who is also a photographer, but I would prefer for the idea to originate with the friend.

The  Bearer Of  Good  Tidings

I know that for many of you here in the U.S., this has been a long hard winter.  There is always a messenger that foretells what is to come, and he says that there is a new day on the horizon. For almost a week now, there has been a male Cardinal singing his sweet love song outside my window each and every morning.  No matter how bleak the night, a new day with great hope awaits.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                        Wayne



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