Nature’s Song

I’ve never understood how some people could not feel a special kinship with the natural world. Even if you grow up in the city, there are birds, insects, flowers and sunrises/sunsets. My bonding with all of nature ( I believe) began the first time my mother put out in the yard, way back when we lived in the inner city. Surely there must have been a butterfly flitter past or a Cardinal singing. Maybe it was a worm or the earth itself, but I know it happened.

I am forever grateful that God steered me towards nature photography. How privileged can I be to be able to interpret my love affair with nature, and share it with the world. It gave me (and you?) the chance to discover not only the wonder of nature, but its lyrical cadence, and its symphony of musical notes. Nature is a visual treasure, and an auditory delight.

My special friendship with nature has allowed me to make great people friends, and share her joy with them as well. It has also filled up my life during those lonely times when her friendship stood fast as others fell by the wayside.

I have spoken or written too few words lately like those above. My love affair with nature will outlive me in my words and pictures, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

The pictures below, from several extraordinary photographer/artists, help illustrate my feelings better than I can state with mere words.

Winter does come to Arizona and Barry Lutz has given us a view of how special it can be. A small bird on a snow-covered branch and a beautiful intimate landscape both share the mood. I especially enjoy his composition with the bird picture.Barry Lutz

Barry Lutz2

Conrad Tan brings us a spectacular image of a Roseate Spoonbill as it prepares to land in the water. This image would be great in any light but I especially like the shadows and where they fall. It pays to be good and lucky.Conrad Tan

Deborah Sandidge may the best photographer/artist I know for combining reality and surrealism. Her long (or multiple) exposure skies combine with beautiful landscapes for an amazing balance of the real and the imagined.Deborah Sandidge

Here was have another image that seems to be a combination of reality and the artistic imagination of its creator. My favorite part of this Jay Patel picture is the light dancing across top of the sand. Amazing!Jay Patel Visual Wilderness

I haven’t brought you a Kevin McNeal landscape in a long time and as you can tell, that’s a mistake. Kevin is one of the best and this image which seems to mirror the patterns created by the moving water with the sky, is another example of the artistic use of light and shadow. I know it seems like I gravitate to such pictures, and well, that’s because I do.Kevin McNeal

We return back to the world of wildlife again, and when those animals are in Africa, we need to look no farther than Piper Mackay.This is a great photo of a lioness and her cub! It almost seems that the cub is in charge. He/she is quite the little tiger, err, lion. You know what I mean.Piper Mackay

This picture of a cypress tree with moss captivates me. It may be my favorite of the day and a thank you to photographer (s) Popp-Hackner is in order.


Finally we have rising star Valerie Millett to thank for this beautiful winter scene. Those bits of color that sneak through in this winter scene, give us a wonderful blend of cold and warm. Great pictures can be made anywhere, as every place is beautiful at the right moment.Vallerie Millet


On this day of December 7, 2014 please keep December 7, 1941 in your mind. I have written much about that day in the past, and I have provided you with a link to one of those articles.  December 7, 1941

Thank you and may God Bless,                                                                                                 Wayne

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