A Perfect Ten

Today I am sharing with you ten photographers who deserve a “ten rating” for their skills and art, and ten of their images that also deserve that same rating. Sometimes life is a perfect ten.

We start off with Frans de Waal and his flawless picture of a Philippine Eagle. I would love to have just one try with one of these critters.Frans de Waal Philippine Eagle

This great misty, moody image of a group of cranes was made by Kathy Rogers. I don’t know a lot about Kathy despite our Facebook friendship, but if this is any example of her talents, I will be hearing more about her.Kathy Rogers cranes

Simplicity is often at the core of powerful photography, but every so often, someone creates a busy photo that takes my breath away. Such is the case with this Karen Connolly image of western mountains in autumn. There is a sense of order in all of that chaos.Karen L. Connolly

I apologize for the small reproduction of this feather photo by Kerry Drager. I could not get the larger version to save, but I can assure you that it was perfect and flawless in its detail. The composition here is wonderful. Great job.Kerry Drager Feathers

My love for mixing light and shadows is consummated perfectly in this Kevin Raber picture made at the Isle of Skye in Scotland. This image is full of both power and mystery.Kevin Raber Isle of Skye Scotland

I doubt I need to say anything about this Laura C. Williams image of two young Burrowing Owls cuddling. I will anyway….it is spectacular in its execution and in the joy that it spreads.Laura C. Williams Burrowing owls

I showed a busy but beautiful landscape earlier in this post, now you see total simplicity in a seascape. The black and white treatment helps to exemplify that simplicity. I love images of this sort but this one may take the prize. Andy Brown is the photographer/artist, and this copy came from Landscape Photography Magazine.Andy Brown Landscape Photography Magazine

Yet another great black and white picture. I think power, power, power, when I look at this. I am happy to be viewing an image from my dry office rather than being caught up in the actual wave. Kudos to Russell Ord for its creationRussell OrdI have shown pictures from Marcel van Balkom before and he never disappoints. This is Iceland, one of Planet Earth’s most beautiful places.Marcel van Balkom Iceland

Someone else who never disappoints with her artistic imagery is Kristen Westlake. As diverse as the subjects of her pictures are, I can usually “see Kristen” in every picture. That is (from me) the highest compliment. There is not a single fault I can find with this perfect Lake Superior waterscape.kristen-westlake-20140113-Ice-landscape-lake-superior-0101

I hope that each of these artists has inspired you as much as they have me. It was my privilege to have presented them to you.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                         Wayne


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