A Few Thoughts & A Few Pictures

I was going to use this space to complain about a well-known landscape photographer who every time he has a temper tantrum, complains on social media that some other photographer is either posting crappy pictures, or is touting a recent success with an image, when he (the landscape photographer) believes the credit is too insignificant to mention. Could it be, that it means more to the one getting the picture published?  Maybe they’re not very excited about his credits. Is it really any of his business?  Does he really need to post this on a public site that has over a billion subscribers?  I assume he has his own website and a possibly a blog.

Originally I decided that if I filled this space with that opinion, I would be too much like him. Oops!! I guess I already did it.

Why am I not mentioning the name of the photographer?  He never “calls out” the people he complains about so I am returning that “kindness”.

Actually his lack of positive public demeanor, whenever he has apparently had a sleepless night, or needs a bowel movement or some such thing, is why I usually don’t show his incredible imagery. I prefer the examples set by Art Wolfe, Kevin O’Neal and many others.


I belong to several flower photography groups and I am “friended” with several flower photographers. I never thought that flower photography would become so popular. Some of the images I am seeing are beyond anything I ever imagined. That is partially because of new software treatments available today, but the original intent is usually visible.


NASCAR star Tony Stewart recently was involved in an unfortunate incident on a dirt short track near the New York road course where he was to compete in Sunday’s NASCAR race.  For those of you who have heard about what happened, but are not familiar with racing, I am quite sure you will only gather more disdain or bewilderment about the sport. Everything in the sport of car racing is potentially dangerous and people’s actions can have consequences.  Admittedly the death of a driver while out of his race car, was seemingly bizarre to many, but it was the result of something I have seen many, many times in racing.

Stewart and a young New York sprint car driver had made mild contact which sent the other driver spinning. He had a flat tire and could not restart. Under the yellow flag (slow pace and no passing) the young driver walked out on the poorly lit track to let Tony know (through gestures) he was displeased. Tony in reply, simple goosed the throttle a bit to let him know he was not impressed. The driver was close to car and wound up being hit and fatally injured.

The young driver was just being foolish and so was Tony Stewart. I can however say with no reservations, that Tony had no, zero, etc. intentions or designs on causing any injury to him.

As I searched the internet for what people were saying, I found just exactly what I thought I would. A few diplomatic and well thought out responses, and then many posts from those who cannot separate their allegiance or dislike for Stewart. Tony Stewart had no intentions of harming this young man. If the young driver would have stayed with his car, this wouldn’t have happened.  That having been said, Tony is a 43-year-old veteran super star and he knows enough to keep his foot off the gas and steer away from a young angry driver.

Tony wound up ( I believe) sitting out his NASCAR race on Sunday. That certainly wasn’t necessary on Tony’s part, but observers say he was very upset and racing in a NASCAR road race under those conditions isn’t wise.

To sum it up, there was no reason for Tony to show attitude to this young unknown driver, but just same, none of this would have happened if that driver would have stayed off the race track. The only thing that really matters is that an 18-year-old boy died because of one (maybe two), bad decisions.  Accidents happen and actions have consequences.


A few random images.

Great-horned Owls

Copy of DSC_5688


Copy of DSC_6476

Red Fox Kits

FoxFr1 138

FoxFr1 136

Male Hooded Merganser

BHeadsGullFish 102

Ruddy Turnstone


Thanks for stopping,                                                                                                                              Wayne

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