Dissection 2

This is the second of this series and once again I will perform a positive, gentle dissection on some great images by fine photographers. I might talk about the subject, or the photography or anything else to do with the image or photographer.

As always, the image sizes will vary in accordance with what was available

I have been enjoying a group of images of cactus flowers by Ruth Hoyt. These are all, night-blooming flowers. While I know many will not like the “floating in space” aspect of this photo, I think Ruth took into account the difficulty of the subject and circumstances, and made a very artful display statements on all of the cactus flowers.

I love projects like this and only wish I would have taken up this subject when I had the chance.


I love the simple quality of this image made by Aaron Keigher. This is likely an HDR image which explains the ability to retain some foreground detail while holding the deep beautiful colors of sunset. The even light on that foreground structure would tell me that a graduated neutral density filter was not employed. The location is San Pedro, CA

I think this is HDR’s best testament, although I hope the art of pure silhouettes never leaves us.


It’s been a long while since I shared some images from wildlife photographer David Hemmings. I think everybody loves great bear photography. They are both fierce and scary, but humanistic at the same time. Of course many humans are pretty scary too.

David is without a doubt one of the top wildlife photographers around.  His shots are always interesting.



Mary A. VerHelst  is the image maker of this powerful “inside shot” of two horses. I know nothing else about the image which leaves me (all of us) to use my/our imagination. Two good buddies in a paddock? Two wild horses getting ready to square off? A stallion and a mare making whoopee?  Do take note the tattoo marked on the dark horse.


Everything I’ve learned tells me that this Laurie Ruben image of Kokamo the gorilla at the San Diego Zoo, is not a set up. A few years ago they began putting varied objects in with their gorillas as an enrichment project. Notice that the magazine is right side up, opened and Kokama is intently looking at a specific page. The magazine happens to have pictures of wild animals in it.

Laurie has made some of the most compelling zoo shots I have ever seen.



Hunter or Gatherer?

I have been recently asked how I spot so many potential images, especially macros.  I first explained that there are many photographers with this skill.

Experts say that women are multi taskers and that men focus intently on one subject. Gatherers and hunters. Women go shopping and browse everything, men have one thing in mind, and get it and leave. I do believe that there is some truth to that but in reality both men and women are more than capable of doing both.

When I am in the field I am the ultimate multi tasker/gatherer, right up until I find my subject. Then everything but my subject disappears. A good nature photographer looking for subjects, should notice everything around them. Including sounds, sights, shapes and light. Every time you scan your surroundings (the gatherer), you will find subjects that allow you to focus on that one subject (the hunter). Then you should be able to tune out distractions, until you are finished.

Of course, I have shot with other photographers who are both better hunters and gatherers than I am. Sometimes we teach, and sometimes we learn.

The salamander photos below, are my own.

Salamander 003

Salamander 008

Salamander 004

Have a great day and may God Bless,                                                                                      Wayne





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