Back in The Saddle Again

I managed to get out and do a little image making for the second time in less than a month. After going almost a year with using a camera, it feels pretty good.

The subjects are all birds again, and there are no rare species or award-winning photographs to share, but here we go anyway.

It’s hard to go and make some bird pix this time of year without capturing the proverbial star, the male Red-winged Blackbird in your photos.BongMay2014 008

Tree Swallow

BongMay2014 106

Another Red-winged Blackbird

BongMay2014 061

BongMay2014 063

Please excuse the second of these Common Yellow-throat Warbler images. Usually I wouldn’t share a picture that is that busy and cluttered, but it has been six years or so since I have made an image of a Warbler and I couldn‘t resist. I am taking the birder rather than photographer approach with the second picture. The top image is the better picture, but the cluttered shot is a better picture of the bird.

BongMay2014 057

BongMay2014 047

Wisconsin’s state bird is the American Robin. Even though most Robins evacuate Wisconsin during our colder months, they are our most common nesting bird in the summer.

BongMay2014 092

Yep, one last Red-wing.

BongMay2014 066

Thank you for stopping by,                                                                                                         Wayne




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