Sharing The Wild Life

I told you in my last post that this one would about celebrating the photography work of others. I decided we would stick to wildlife images today.

I find myself returning to Charles Glatzer time and time again when I want to share compelling wildlife images. Charles proves that it is not necessary for all wildlife images to be of the “in your face” variety. When he does take you up close to his subjects they are usually doing something artful or interesting.

These first two pictures are amazing. They are completely different, yet alike.  They are among my all time favorite wildlife images.

This picture of the Bighorns and mountains is complex and full of things going on. Even the light varies. Just the same, the image is orderly with everything in it’s place. Order out of chaos.1379874_709041899124204_561528665_n

This photo of a wolf and snow is brilliant in it’s total simplicity. The Bighorn picture is an example of how to compose an image with a lot going on. This one is how to compose a photo with very little going on.10252044_846398402055219_7722705858890356962_n

This vulture image is a great example of what you can do when you are in really close to your subject. Nothing is symmetrical here yet the picture is balanced.10271566_841314752563584_793999124958565068_n

With this last photo we see what Chas does so well. Great action/behavior, tack sharp and composed perfectly. This is an Osprey with a fish.1491748_835254653169594_4796393355355131803_n

Wow!! Now that’s a face. This is a Philippine Eagle also known as the Monkey Eagle because monkeys are its favorite meal. The photographer is Frans de Waal.10177954_10152375679514700_8643496462411732484_n

Another great bird image from Richard Steele. This is a Squacco Heron with a very pretty but very unhappy frog.1609931_758433347521281_6591538050053890768_n

Raymond Barlow made this great shot of a beautiful hummer.10299067_10152530197015676_2308166022612822219_n

Extra touches like morning dew don’t only matter in photos of butterflies or flowers. This little gosling proves that in this Nathaniel Smalley photo.10334329_512399185553607_1082403588642550185_n

I hope the amazing images above inspire you to appreciate, observe and photograph the wild animals that inhabit this planet. Wildlife photography at its best will help you do those things.

Before I forget again, congratulations to California Chrome and his jockey, trainer, groom and owners on their win in the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico. Two down. Next stop Belmont. This horse and its owners prove that the little guy can still win if they refuse to lose.

As I am a guy with nowhere to go, and no way to get there, my Sunday before Memorial Day will be spent in front of a TV watching car races. That’s a come down from most Memorial Days but I will have the company of screaming engines and great competition, in the Monaco Grand Prix  Formula 1 race, the Indy 500, and NASCAR’s World 600.

I thank you and may God Bless,                                                                                                Wayne




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