Short Stories

Short stories should probably be the name of most of the posts that I have made over the past year or so.  Apparently I enjoy publishing varied selections of pictures, and saying whatever comes to mind. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m lazy.

One very famous and quite beautiful national park, that is still fairly easy to make fresh landscapes of, is Yellowstone .  Yellowstone Falls, Old Faithful geyser, or Lodgepole Pines in winter have all been done many times, but everything else is up for grabs.  Yellowstone is after all a premier wildlife destination, and that tends to keep us busy with our long lenses.  The first Yellowstone shot below is a simple pond and mountains made shortly after sunrise. I have never seen another image from this location. The second shot is a mid-morning picture taken in the Lamar Valley. There is beauty like this throughout Yellowstone.

Autumn means a lot of things. Rust colored grasses and frost are among them.  Those white puffs in the background are clouds.  How does one keep some cloud detail in a close-up made with a 105mm macro lens?   The plant is a little larger than you might think, meaning it is not a super macro.  I made this picture with the aperture showing f40. Why do I say the aperture was “showing f40”?  Well this is an f32 lens.  When it shows f40, that is just an exposure guide for you.  It is meant to match your shutter speed, and lens extension. I was in reality shooting at f32.  That was enough depth of field to show a small amount of cloud detail.

Fall comes to one of our most under appreciated and beautiful national parks…..Theodore Roosevelt in North Dakota. It is called the badlands of North Dakota but it is really different from Badlands N. P. in South Dakota.  Not only are the rock forms quite different but the lush Missouri River Valley runs through here.  You are also more likely to get close-up views of Bison, and they have a sizable herd of wild horses.  My disclaimer on commenting on locations is the same as usual. If you do decide to visit here because of what I have written, remember that I love most places I visit.  That doesn’t mean that you will find it the same.  Much of photography is about attitude.  You will do your best work when you are happy with where you are, and what you are making pictures of.

These storm clouds were dark as night over Lake Granby in Colorado.  A small, brief break in the clouds exposed a mountain. I used manual spot metering to read one small area that I believed  should be the mid-toned portion of the scene. I love days like this in the mountains.

I have always prided myself as not having a definitive style to my photography.  I have spent my life selling a theme of versatility. I especially love the various ways you can show a flower in an image.  I think I have photographed them in as many different ways as any photographer, but I will admit that the type of image you see below comes as close to a signature image as I get.  I have made thousands of flower photos with dew or rain, and an awful lot of them in the compositional style you see here.  An un-centered center, that falls somewhere near one of the four power points.

I really don’t have much to say about this next shot except I like Mule Deer Bucks.  Wyoming.

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