A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That might be true but sometimes it only takes a few words to describe how you feel about a picture.

A fresh coat of light.

More questions than answers

Mirror Mirror

Point of View

Special Places


Eye to eye


The Warming

Into the storm

1. Guadalupe Mts. N.P.

2.Water abstract @ sunrise

3. Maroon Bells, Colorado

4. Black Canyon of The Gunnison, Colorado

5. Morgan Falls, Wisconsin

6. Door County, Wisconsin in spring

7.  Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

8. American White Pelicans

9. Winter in Wisconsin after sunrise.

10. Desert road, Arizona

Join me on this Patriot’s Day in remembering all of those who died on September 11, 2001.  Like Pearl Harbor it is a long time gone, but hopefully it will remain vivid in our memories. That day and the weeks that followed, may have been the last time we were truly united as a nation.  Maybe we should have a separate day of memorial just for that.

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2 Responses to A Thousand Words

  1. Loved the touch of sun and light in “The Warming”, and beautiful winter blues.

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