Another One (post)

Reflecting. Vertically that is. Female Red-winged Blackbird in a cattail marsh.

Immature European Starling.

Caspian Terns.

Pop and his kid….or kit.

Lil pal.  Salamander.

Wild Columbine.

We have some incredible national parks in the U.S.   Sometimes we forget the lesser known parks and most of the national monuments.  One such spot is El Morro National Monument in northern New Mexico.  I visited this spot in the 1990s and I do not think I have ever before shared a landscape from this location.  That is mainly because I made no truly compelling images.  I was there in the winter and I can just see the below picture with a dusting of snow on the grasses, trees and rock.  Of course I hopefully would have also made the photo at dusk.

Wherever I go the roadsides of North America are fertile for images.  I was just cruising for pictures in the late afternoon when I spotted New Mexico’s Abiquiv Lake.

Looking back. Fall maples, Wisconsin.

Looking forward.  Spring Aspens, Colorado

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