Grab Bag

Every so often I love to blindly reach into my photographic grab bag and take whatever photos I touch.  No rhyme or reason.  These are mostly images that have not been published and in some cases they have never been shared.  To me nature photos are much like family photos are to many.  They bring back memories and if the content or the story behind the photo is worthy of interest to others, I love to share them.

Yellowstone N.P. in late 2006.  Yellowstone is a primary wildlife destination but this area of northwest Wyoming is beautiful.  And there are more landscape images to be made here than just Yellowstone Falls and Old Faithful Geyser.

An older dragonfly image.

Autumn in the abstract.  I love composing color and tone in fall!

Five times over the years I have traveled to central Wisconsin to photograph the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly.  My final trip was in 2009 and that was the only time that I came up empty.  These gentle, almost friendly little critters are beginning to spread their population a bit.  They are dependant on the lupine plant for their survival.

I don’t make many images of captive animals and there are only a few of those that I have shared with the world.  My home town of Racine, Wisconsin has a small but nice zoo.  I have gone there from time to time to basically stay in practice with my wildlife photography.  I actually became quite attached to this male African Lion.  He is long gone now, but I will always remember this fellow.  He has much character in his face.

I love Sandhill Cranes.  I enjoy everything about them but I especially like them because they are nice and big.  No close approach necessary. This one was conversing with a nearby mate.

Theodore N.P. in North Dakota is one of North American’s most under visited the least known parks.  I have been here twice but both visits were far too short.  Teddy is equally good for wildlife and landscapes.  The geology and rock forms here are simply different than any place I had ever been.

Northern Shovelers are a great duck for photographers.  The males are colorful but mostly they are ducks that are always doing something.  They are also pretty tolerant of humans. These were made last year at Horicon Marsh NWR here in Wisconsin.

I have seen my share of opossums in my life but this is the only one I ever photographed.  It barely looked at me as I hiked across a field with my tripod and long lens.  Before long I switched from my 500mm to an 80-200mm lens.  It is funny which days of nature photography stick in your mind.  For whatever reason this is one.  I eventually did make some cleaner images but I believe this picture with all its branches and wrinkled berries better tells the story.

This dishevelled looking American White Pelican reminded me of a seagull character played by Red Skelton on his old television show. You probably had to be there to get that one and most of you were not yet born so in all likelihood you have no idea of what I am speaking of.  A few of you old timers might make the connection.

After nature, without question my favorite photographic subject is human history.  I especially love the Native American and Old Spanish ruins in the desert southwest.  I had no plans to photograph the Pecos Ruins in northern New Mexico.  As usual I make few plans and photograph what I find along the way.  Given my Grab Bag method of selecting these images I think you can see a pattern here.  Anyway I created this image years ago and worked it until the afternoon sun turned warm and bathed the Adobe bricks in its beautiful glow.

I want to thank all of you who have visited this blog.  You are a small but growing group. I only know who a few of you are because you are also apparently a shy bunch.  The few of you who have contacted me have wondered why I would essentially retire from nature photography and close down my website only to open a blog where I do the same basic writing and sharing images.  Good question!  Basically I shut the site down a bit earlier than I needed to and I still have a few things to say and a few pictures to share.  My time will come soon enough to end my blog activity.

Thanks again,


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